Canoe/Kayaking/Tubing Rental Rates


Killawog (2 hrs): $15.00

Marathon Park Launch (4 hrs): $20.00



Marathon Park Launch (2 hrs):

Kayak/Canoe: Single- $40.00 Double- $60.00

Messengerville (4 hrs)/ Cenango Forks (4-6 hrs)

Kayak/Canoe: Single $40.00 Double $60.00

Blodgett (6 hrs)/Cortland (8 hrs)

Kayak/Canoe: Single $50.00 Double $70.00


* We do provide shuttle service for your personal boats, $20.00 for the first unit, $10.00 each additional unit.

** A waiver form must be signed for each participant and a parent guardian for each child. A Driver’s License will beĀ held upon the return of rented equipment.

Groups: For kayaking and canoeing, groups of 6 or more receive $5 off each rental

All rentals include the necessary gear (life vest, paddle and a helmet if requested) no extra fees for these items