Boating/Tubing Rental Release Form

Every unit leased is checked before it goes out. Lessor assumes not responsibility for personal injury or property damage which may be incurred due to the use, transportation and/or storage of unit(s).

I understand I am signing this form without being under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs

I understand that I am renting this unit at my own risk

I am physically and mentally able to operate and handle the unit

I have leased the unit and received it in good condition

I promise to pay for rental per lessor's schedule, to keep unit in a safe place when not attended by me personally and to operate or use unit solely by me personally for lawful purposes only

Reasonable wear excepted, I promise to pay for all loss or damage to unit

I will not authorize any repairs to the unit without consent of lessor

I assume full responsibility should the unit covered by this lease become involved in any accident, which may result in damage or destruction to any property or injury to any person.

I have received the proper accessories life jacket, and offered helmet for safety, and will wear the proper clothing and sun protection.

*No children 1 and under are allowed on the river due to safety regulations.

I agree to return the above described unit at the time specified or pay the difference. The $30.00 deposit is for equipment loss or damage. Anything over the and above this amount will be my responsibility.